Growing in faith

Growing in faith

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Welcome to Growing in Faith

Growing in Faith is a program for those who wish to grow deeper in their faith. In 3 years we will aim to explore different topics to do with our faith: bible books, spirituality, sacraments, as well as a range of theological and philosophical questions. we hope it will be at a level which will encourage thinking and reflection.

How it works

Each of the 3 years is split into 3 terms, October to December, January to March and April to June. Each term we will deliver 4 sessions. Each session will start at 8pm and last around 1½ hours. There will be a short break for refreshments after explanation of the topic, and time for questions and answers to follow. A list of books on the subject available from St Barnabas’ Library will be made ready each week, for those who wish to go even deeper into the subject.

Dates for this term

23rd January
Why did Jesus have to die?
6th February
Bible: The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple (John)
20th February
Sacraments: Baptism and Communion

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