Playlist – Philip Wedmore

Playlist – Philip Wedmore


Parish Playlist #5

Philip Wedmore

1. Muskrat rambleLouis Armstrong

This was the first record I ever owned. I well remember the Christmas when I got a record player and this album. The record player had pine needles coming out of it for years afterwards. Click here.

2. Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller

This was the other record I got that Christmas and I was entranced by the bass rhythms. Fats Waller like Brahms evidently had massive hands which makes playing these pieces a bit of a stretch in all senses of the word. Click here.

3. Romeo and Juliet overtureTchaikovsky

We played this in my school orchestra and I remember struggling through bars and bars of off-beat bass notes on my tuba. Afterwards I went back with a friend who put on some music. This is lovely, I said. What ever is it? That, said my friend, is the Romeo and Juliet overture. Click here.

4. Responses – I actually don’t know the composer

This is a recording (attached) in about 1965 of my father with the choir of the church of the Ascension Blackheath where he was the vicar By a curious coincidence Rev John Watson was incumbent there many years later. My father was an excellent singer although his voice was not as strong after he had polio in 1956. Listening to him now I am struck by how posh he sounds.Click here.

5. On the way to Bethlehem – Composer Mr Nicolaides

Mr Nicolaides (we never knew his first name) was the French teacher at my prep school but he also composed a complete set of carols for us. The soloist is on this one (attached) is Philip Pope who went on to compose many of the songs on TV shows including Spitting Image and Not the nine o’clock news and had a chart topper with The Chicken Song. I know you are going to hate me now that song has started going round your head Click here.

6. The Second Law of ThermodynamicsFlanders and Swann

We played the songs from At the drop of a hat so often we knew them all by heart. It’s the only song I know which contains the word Entropy. Click here.

7. Thirty Years as our LeaderPhil McHugh and John Elliot

You can download this from Thirty years as our leader Revised words by Peter Venn, Elizabeth Wedmore and Philip Wedmore. I have to have something by the St Barnabas choir, and this one was our tribute to William McVicker on his thirtieth anniversary with the choir. It is a reminder of the great times we have had over the years with William. It also reminds me of the fun time I had with Peter and Elizabeth crafting the new words. They are both very creative and it was fascinating to see how our thoughts evolved during the writing process.

8. Lamentations of JeremiahThomas Tallis

This one reminds me of the wonderful Lent music we have offered over the years. We performed this about 10 years ago.
Part 1: Click here.
Part 2: Click here.

9. NocturnesChopin

I never really mastered any of these on the piano, but I absolutely loved them.
Nocturne in Db major: Click here.
Nocturne in Eb major: Click here.

There are so many more music pieces I could think of, Beatles, Deep Purple, Elton John, Victoria Wood, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Spiritual, Tudor, the list feels endless. But that will have to do for now.