Playlist – Riccardo Bonci

Playlist – Riccardo Bonci


Parish Playlist #2

Parish Playlist #2 – Riccardo Bonci (Organist and Assistant Director of Music)

The tracks for all of Riccardo’s choices can be found in this YouTube playlist: Click here.

 1. Beethoven – Sonata op. 53 “Waldstein”

Beautiful, innovative and ahead of its time, I learned this sonata at the age of 17 and received some of the best music lessons on it. I also received a massive and angry telling off by my teacher after performing it and not taking enough time to take a bow, thusly disrespecting the audience; that was an important life lesson there, never forgotten, and for which I’m eternally grateful.

2. Chopin – Ballade n. 1 in G minor

This marvellous jewel contains many contrasting feelings, all somehow linked by the fil rouge of love and passion. Romanticism at its highest and most refined peak.

3. Bach – Prelude and Fugue in D BWV 532

Powerful, eloquent, structured and virtuosic, yet not too hard to digest. This piece resonates a lot with me and never fails to teach me something new every time I play it.

4. Puccini – La Bohéme

Probably the best opera ever written, one of the few ones with the power to make me sob. The beautiful yet simple story, the rapturing melodies underlined by lush harmonies makes this work simply unforgettable. If this doesn’t move you, you don’t have a heart.

5. Mozart – Don Giovanni

This opera is pure genius. Mozart broke many of the unwritten rules of opera here: the soprano doesn’t die, the tenor is not the immoral womaniser, there are 3 orchestras playing at the same time 3 different dances in 3 different time signatures and at the dinner scene you can almost hear a complete 12-note sequence, just a few centuries ahead of Schönberg! Oh, and the music is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

6. Fabrizio de André – La guerra di Piero

This is partly the reason I started to learn the piano at the age of 7 and a half. My older brother used to strum on his guitar the songs of this songwriter. This particular one is the sad story of a young man who died in a senseless war, and contains some very deep and bittersweet reflections.

7. Elio e le storie tese – Carro

This song reflects my sense of humour, and very wittingly mixes and matches some of the most famous Italian proverbs while narrating an improbable surrealistic story.

8. John Williams – Suite from Star Wars: the empire strikes back

Possibly the most successful and catchy film soundtrack ever written. What can I say, I’m a big fan of both the music and the movies.

Why 8 works? Well, 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, and given the current situation we can all do with a bit of luck!