Open Forum Series

Open Forum Series

The Open Forum – Economic and Social Justice

In the run-up to the General Election in 2015 this third series of the Open Forum will be addressing the themes of economic and social justice. It offers an opportunity for us to engage with some of the key political and economic questions of our time

How do we get more equal growth?

Thursday 20 November. 8pm.
Keynote speaker: Mr Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

Hear it here:

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Inter-generational Fairness

Thursday 13 January. 8pm.
Panel includes: Mrs Moneypenny, FT columnist and Angus Hanton, Intergenerational Foundation.

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Next Event: International Aid

Wednesday 11 February. 8:30pm.

Chair: Loretta Minghella, OBE – Chief Executive of Christian Aid


Jehangir Malik, OBE – Director of Islamic Relief UK
Roger Riddell – Author of ‘Does Foreign Aid Really Work?’ and Consultant, Oxford Policy Management

“Sticking to our international aid targets has been a central plank of the Coalition’s strategy since it took power in 2010. The origins of the 0.7% of gross national income target can be traced back to a proposal by the World Council of Churches to the UN in 1958. But what does international aid really achieve? Does overseas aid simply seed official corruption and build dependency in recipient countries? Given the rapid economic growth in countries such as Brazil and India, should aid money be used to fund development programmes there? Should we be concentrating more on trade than aid? This session will discuss the role more advanced economies should play in supporting development across the world.”

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