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Lent Courses

As Lent has now started I wish to draw your attention to our Lent course which will be held on the following dates starting at 7.30pm at St Barnabas.

Wednesday 25th February
Thursday 5th March
Thursday 12th March
Thursday 19th March
Thursday 26th March

We will be following Mark's Gospel and to help you we have also prepared a Lent Reading guide for the whole Gospel of Mark. There are also additional reading resources and videos about Mark's Gospel online on the Parish website.

If you wish to indicate your attendance for the sessions above you can do this via My ChurchApp and looking at the calendar.

Prayers and best wishes for holy Lent.

John - Vicar, St Barnabas and Christ's Chapel

Lent Guide download

Lent Courses - Open

Welcome to our church

Our goal is to be a welcoming church, outward looking and one to which people feel they really belong:"Open at the edges, committed at the core."

So welcome - we hope you will soon feel at home.

Note: We hope you like our new look site, certain sections of which are still under development with content being added daily and with mobile compatibility being enhanced - so it is a work in progress you are currently viewing. Please bear with us as we seek to deliver a better web experience.

See our interactive Calendar here


Hour at the Cross 11:30pm at Christ's Chapel

Mediations and music at the cross 2:00pm at St Barnabas
Vigil and Prayers 8:00pm at St Barnabas
BCP Holy Communion 8:00am at Christ's Chapel

Easter Parish Communion St Barnabas 10:00am at St Barnabas (foll by egg hunt)

Morning Prayer 9:00am & Evening Prayer 5:00pm at St Barnabas
Silent Prayer 7:30pm at St Barnabas
  • Are you looking for a new church family to learn and worship with? We would love to know more about you and your family, please contact us today.
  • Looking for our latest sermon? Listen or download a copy today.
  • Join us this Sunday! See here for our regular services. Our two locations are : St. Barnabas - Calton Avenue, London, SE21 7DG | Christ's Chapel - Gallery Road, London, SE21 7AE
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Learn About Our Church

One Parish, Two places of Worship
Read More About Who We Are

We exist to honour God and to enable questioning, open-minded people of all ages to discover for themselves the significance of Jesus Christ. We are part of a family of 337 churches in the Diocese of Southwark. We aim to be welcoming to all and offer a home to both the doubter and the committed.

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Our Small Groups

Open at the edges, committed at the core
Read more about our small groups

There are many activities which take place through the weeks, months and year in the life of our parish. Some groups offer prayer, study and a time to get to know one another; others help us engage with all sorts of issue locally and globally. Some offer a place for friendship during the week and others still encourage thoughtful engagement with issue facing us today.
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Sunday worship

list of our services to help you find your place
Find Out How to Get Involved

We offer a wide variety of worship styles and services in both places of worship. The largest service with child and youth provision is the 10am service at St Barnabas. There are many other types of service we offer during the day on Sunday and also midweek.

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Discover the significance of Jesus Christ

We seek to honour God and to enable questioning, open-minded people of all ages to discover for themselves the significance of Jesus Christ

"Our faith calls us to engage with the world, not to retreat from it. I know that in the coming years we will learn more and more about what that means for us as congregations and as individuals."
- Revd John Watson, Vicar

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Calendar of Events
“The St Barnabas Church and Christ’s Chapel are exactly what my family and I were looking for and needed. We are thankful for the amazing staff.”

Meet Our Clergy

Revd John Watson Vicar of St Barnabas with Christ's Chapel
Revd Anthony Buckley Honorary Curate and Chaplain
Appointed in 2014, the Vicar of the Parish of St Barnabas with Christs Chapel, Dulwich is the Revd. John Watson, who is also Foundation Chaplain to three schools of Edward Alleyn’s Foundation. Assisting John is the Revd. Anthony Buckley, Honorary Curate and Chaplain of Alleyn's School and Title Curate, The Reverend Dr Catriona Laing.

The Clergy team is supplemented by the Revd. Steve Padfield, Honorary Curate and Chaplain of Dulwich College.

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Get In Touch

  • Parish Office, 40 Calton Ave,
    London, SE21 7DG
  • 020 8693 1524
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.