First Communion

First Communion

Discover Communion! is a 6-session course for children from year 2 – 6 that offers a safe and imaginative space to ask questions and explore questions surrounding Communion, Church, and the Christian faith. This course is for children who are interested in learning more about these topics, would like to receive Communion for the first time, or who already receive Communion but aren’t quite sure why!

Led by our clergy team, John, Rachael and Liz, there will be an hour of discussion-based learning, encouraging creativity, imagination, and the courage to seek a personal understanding of what ‘Communion’ or ‘the bread and wine’ means in the context of the Church of England. These sessions are open to all children of all abilities and disabilities and regardless of prior faith experience. 

May God continue to help us to be more ourselves in the light of each other, the whole Body of Christ. Amen.

First Communion Cohort - Easter 2022

Saturday 9th April 2023: All children who complete Discover Communion! are invited to join us for a trip to Go Ape Battersea Park, where we will complete the Tree Tops’ Adventure Course, discuss questions of faith, courage and what it means to live out an identity as ‘One Body of Christ’ today. There will be a £25 suggested donation for this trip.

Sunday 10th April 2023: All children will be invited to our Easter Day Family Communion, where they can take Communion for the first time or in the context of this special service.

Discover Communion! runs from 4 – 5:30m Fridays in the half-term before Easter Day. We offer after-school pick-up for local schools and a free pizza supper for choristers staying on for choir practice.

If you have a 7 – 11 year-old who can’t wait to receive First Communion, please speak to one of the clergy about our shorter preparation courses that run throughout the year.  For young people over the age of 11, it might be appropriate to think about Confirmation (or Baptism and Confirmation together). Please speak to one of our clergy team to find out more.