Venue Hire

Venue Hire




The parish hall/centre is available for regular bookings during the week, both daytime and in the evenings. Facilities are also available for hire for birthday parties and one-off events. Please note however, no bookings are available on Sundays, Bank holidays or throughout August. You can see details of the facilities and availability on the links below. Please note that availability may not be completely up to date so to confirm availability and to book  please contact Gemma Rose at or by phone at 07904524074

We have kitchens and toilets at both the Parish Hall and the Church. 

Parish Hall – main hall. This is a large light room with a stage. It can accommodate 200 people seated and has tables and chairs. It has a polished wooden floor.

Parish Hall – small hall. This is at the rear of the building. It can accommodate 50 people seated and has tables and chairs. It has a vinyl floor.

Church Lounge. This is a mid size room that can accommodate 50 people. It has a polished wood floor an has table and chairs

Church Community suite. This is a large modern room with carpet tiles. It can accommodate around 150 people.

Church. We have a large modern church which can seat 350 people which can be used for concerts and large music rehearsals

Church library. This is a small room 3.8m x 4.5m that can be used for meetings

Church Welcome area. This is a large area around 10m x 12m that can be used in combination with other facilities